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SoundFit is committed to making 3D manufacturing technology accessible to everyone. With the new 3D printing technology, you can now manufacture almost any shape you can imagine -- if you are a 3D CAD engineer. But for the rest of us who aren't CAD engineers (or even for CAD designers who just want to capture a shape that already exists in the world) the thing you need to create your 3D model is a 3D Scanner. SoundFit's low cost, high resolution 3D scanners make 3D technology accessible to all.

SoundFit has developed a 3D Desktop Scanning service that helps sellers of custom fit products to quickly capture and transmit to manufacturers the 3D models they need for speedy, low cost manufacturing of 3D custom products.

This is achieved using our SugarCube™ full color 3D scanner.

SugarCube 3D Scanner 
The SugarCube is the next generation high resolution 3D scanner. The SugarCube by SoundFit offers full color and full texture maps with unprecedented precision. The hobbyist version of the SugarCube is powered by AutoDesk 123D Catch a free 3D modeling application that offers low resolutions models with 3MP images. For a small service fee SoundFit can offer professional modeling services with no limits on resolution.

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