BAAM: Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing Hub - Fleet

Seed funded by the City of San Leandro, FLEETedu began as a mobile fabrication laboratory project with the mission to expose people to the growing world of advanced manufacturing by showcasing the most popular tools of the Maker Movement such as 3D Printing, CNC Technology and Lasercutting. Since its conception, it has evolved into a business structure that fulfills the critical gaps of education in STEAM curriculum, project-based learning and the Common Core. In addition, FLEETedu has become a tool for workforce development by delivering emerging technologies to out-of-date companies and corporations for inspiration, tooling updates and employee training. In addition to our services in delivering digital arts and education, we are now offering programs in work-based learning and business incubation for high school students.

FLEET Digital Arts Lab
All-in-one mobile event experience delivering digital arts and fabrication to schools, corporations and events to expose the next generation of innovators to the tools of the future.
FLEET Mobile Solar Rover 
All-in-one mobile solar rover with a fully independent solar energy generation with option for digital arts and fabrication integration.
FLEET Arts Incubator
All-in-one mobile arts incubator and gallery experience.



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