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The largest 3D technology coalition under one roof, delivering a complete prototype-to-market manufacturing pipeline.

Series 1 Pro 3D Printer 
The future of manufacturing is local and it's brought to you by 3D printing technology. Manufacturers can now create highly scalable operations with our Series 1 Pro 3D printer for a fraction of the cost of contract manufacturing, no significant upfront investment, and providing just in time delivery to avoid the need for large parts inventories. With the highest ROI and the broadest material support, the Series 1 Pro 3D printer is the future of manufacturing today.

MadeSolid Materials
Our vision is to advance the capabilities of 3D printing through advanced materials. We balance our products with superior mechanical properties while promoting ease of use. Through extensive user testing and a successful crowdsourcing campaign, we MadeSolid have release several products which provide 3D printer users access to advanced materials.


Soundfit 3D Scanning
SoundFit is committed to making 3D manufacturing technology accessible to everyone. With the new 3D printing technology, you can now manufacture almost any shape you can imagine -- if you are a 3D CAD engineer. But for the rest of us who aren't CAD engineers (or even for CAD designers who just want to capture a shape that already exists in the world) the thing you need to create your 3D model is a 3D Scanner. SoundFit's low cost, high resolution 3D scanners make 3D technology accessible to all.

Cad Crowd On Demand 3D Modeling
Cad Crowd’s is the world’s largest marketplace for drafting, design & CAD crowdsourcing. The service provides an online CAD resource that helps buyers fulfill drafting requirements using global CAD workers. Clients including builders, fabricators, manufacturers, engineering companies and inventors, which allows them to leverage freelance talent on a part-time basis.


Pinshape 3D Model Library
Pinshape is online marketplace enabling professional designers a venue to share and sell their models. By creating a community platform customers can explore, download, and order 3D printed products in over 35+ printed materials.


HoneyPoint3D Retail Stores
We are a community-centered company dedicated to enhancing the experience, usability and knowledge of the 3D printing community. Through user friendly classes and very knowledgable in store staff, we strive to be the Bay Area's local resource for everything related to 3D printing.

FLEETedu Digital Arts and Fabrication Education
Creating the next generation workforce by delivering a high-impact digital arts and fabrication experience to corporations, schools and events through our all-in-one mobile event vehicle. Great for workforce development, STEAM education, student engagement, team building and crowd interaction.

PhaseSpace Motion Capturing Systems
PhaseSpace systems are the industry's price / performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing. Using active LED markers and advanced software, PhaseSpace systems provide highly accurate data in real-time.
Motion Capturing