BAAM: Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing Hub - Apply to Join

Apply to Join

BAAM is a coalition of 3D Printing related companies and services working together to create a seamless idea-to-object experience. By sharing market insights, technology and network, BAAM members are able to support growth and understanding across the 3DP industry, as well as make it easier for customers and users to take advantage of 3D products and services. 
What this means:
  • You agree to share insights and help other BAAM members whenever possible
  • You agree to consider BAAM members when linking content & services
  • You agree to support BAAM events and press releases to the best of your ability
  • You agree to work with other BAAM members on moving towards non-competing areas of the 3DP industry
What this does not mean:
  • You are not required to share proprietary data if you don't want. IP/Licensing is not included in this agreement and such arrangements must be made between members as needed
  • You are not required to actually choose BAAM members for every partnership: we are all startups and all we ask is that you seriously consider BAAM members first
  • You are not required to attend every event or send out every press release: Just help out whenever you can by posting on your blog/social media and through your network when relevant
  • You are not required to not compete with other BAAM members. It is natural that there will be some overlap in the startup phase. However, as we get smarter, I would ask that you work with overlapping BAAM members to differentiate yourselves so that we ultimately have a full ecosystem of non-competing products and services.

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